In this issue:

  1. From the Editor - neuroimmunologic disorders of the central nervous system
  2. The Pathology of Transverse Myelitis
  3. Depression in TM
  4. The Spiritual Life of Transverse Myelitis
  5. Translational Pain Research at the Brigham and Women's Hospital: Help for People with TM who Suffer from Pain
  6. Considerations in Achieving Bowel Continence
  7. Update on Research at the Johns Hopkins Transverse Myelopathy Center
  8. Announcing the 2004 Symposium in Baltimore
  9. Inviting Your Physicians and Therapists to the 2004 TMA/JHTMC Symposium
  10. TMA Members: Portions of Your 2004 Baltimore Symposium Trip May be Tax Deductible
  11. The Board of Directors elected Stephen J. Miller to serve as the next Vice President of The Transverse Myelitis Association
  12. Suspended Weight Treadmill Training: A Patient's Perspective
  13. Swimming: You Might Want to Give it a Try
  14. Dysfunctional Bowel: Members Helping Members
  15. A Resource for Assistive Technology
  16. The AmTryke® Therapeutic Tricycle Project
  17. The USDOT Hotline for Air Travelers
  18. How do students with disabilities pay for college?

  19. In Their Own Words
  20. In Their Own Words: Learning to walk … again. Molly Barrett
  21. In Their Own Words: One Step at a Time By Molly Sena Barrett
  22. In Their Own Words: Jonathan Rock
  23. In Their Own Words: Hubert Smith
  24. In Their Own Words: Jon Spatz
  25. In Their Own Words: Diane C. Vecchione
  26. In Their Own Words: Kathy Kerby
  27. In Their Own Words: Patricia A. Crockett
  28. In Their Own Words: Paula Cook

  29. National Family Caregivers Month - November 2003
  30. Strategic Planning Meeting in Seattle
  31. The TMA Youth Advisory Board
  32. Disability Advocate for the TMA
  33. TMA Children's and Family Network Directory
  34. ADEM, Devics, Recurrent TM: Networking and Support
  35. New and Improved TMA Message Forum

  36. Support Groups
  37. Issues of Privacy and Confidentiality in a Support Group
  38. Providing Information and Support Without Offering Medical Advice
  39. The First South Africa Support Group Meeting
  40. UK Support Group
  41. Southern California Support Group Meeting
  42. Finally, a TM Support Group in Idaho
  43. IL Support Group
  44. The Maryland / DC Area Support Group
  45. Michigan Support Group
  46. Mississippi Support Group
  47. New York State Support Group Meetings
  48. Western NY Support Group
  49. Ohio TM Support Group
  50. Virginia TM Support Group
  51. Southwest Virginia TM Support Group
  52. The Texas TM Support Group Coalition
  53. Support Groups Desperately Needed In Brazil, each Province of Canada, India, and Everywhere Else

  54. Fundraising and Awareness
  55. Reading For Rachel Update
  56. First Annual Texas Roll-A-Thon
  57. Ann's Quilt Raffle
  58. Pasta with a Purpose Party
  59. The Lazzeri TMA Fundraiser
  60. Worthington Estates Students Raise TM Research Funds from Toy Sale and Reading for Rachel
  61. The Most Successful Method for Raising Money for Research

  62. We Don't Want to Lose You; And Finding You Has Become Very Expensive!
  63. The Transverse Myelitis Association 2002 Statement of Financial Activities

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