Transverse Myelitis Association
Volume 5 Issue 2

Page 54

Ann's Quilt Raffle
Deborah Capen

This was truly an experience, taking on the task of holding an "international" raffle. This started in 2001 when Ann Moran came from Ireland to the Second International TM Symposium in Baltimore, Maryland. Ann presented the TMA with a quilt that she had pieced together with squares that had been made from members around the U.S. and the world. We thought for a long time how to best utilize this opportunity that Ann had given us to raise funds and awareness of TM - actually we thought about it for a little over a year!

It was finally decided that we would have a raffle; sell tickets and ask all of our TMA membership to help by getting involved. I did not know of the intentions of the future winner of the raffle at this time. Beverly Christensen of Sacramento, California had traveled with her daughter, Doreen, to Baltimore to attend the symposium. She met Ann and spent a lot of time with her during the four days in Baltimore. When Ann presented the quilt, Beverly said to herself, "I want to get involved when this happens!"

The raffle was announced in the last newsletter, and Beverly started getting busy. Beverly printed the tickets that we made available on our website. She printed hundreds of tickets. She sold them to her family members, all of her friends, and anybody else who would listen to her. Transverse Myelitis is a name that has been in her family for over 45 years. Her daughter, Doreen, has had TM since she was 19 months old.

When I received the large envelope and letter in the mail, I was overwhelmed. I think I sat in my truck and cried for a little bit, and don't remember the drive home. Beverly is very proud of her daughter, Doreen, and her independence, and living her whole life with TM. I could tell that from the letter that I received.

I do not want to minimize the hard work that was done by so many TMA members. I had a lot of help from my own Southern California TM support group. Without them, I really don't think we would have had as much success as we did. All of the TMA members together sold over 1,000 tickets and we raised a total amount of $2,045.00. This money will be used to support the activities of The Transverse Myelitis Association.

By the way, Beverly was not the official winner of the quilt. Her other daughter, Gail, was the winner. I think that they are a very close-knit family and that the quilt will be enjoyed by all, and I am so very pleased that Ann's quilt was won by the Christensen family. It could not have a better home.

Thank you, again, all of you, for your support and your hard work in making this fundraiser such a success. Most of all, thank you, Ann, for the great opportunity you created for all of us, by creating such a beautiful quilt. You are a treasure in our community, Ann. Thank you!


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