Transverse Myelitis Association
Volume 4 Issue 1
March 2001

Page 25
TMA Auction: Raising Funds for A Clinical Assistant to Help Us Help Ourselves!
Lori Biehler


The TMA is working with Dr. Kerr to conduct an auction fund-raiser. Richard Boyle (Gunny) and I are going to be coordinating this activity. The auction is going to raise funds for a clinical assistant to work for The Johns Hopkins Transverse Myelopathy Center and Dr. Kerr. This person, (a physician's assistant or nurse practitioner) would have several roles. One, he or she would see patients with Dr. Kerr, thus increasing the care that would be given to patients. Two, this person would be a coordinator of TM care given to patients throughout the country. Once the TM network (Consortium) is established, the clinical assistant will coordinate care in the various centers, and will coordinate the collection of clinical, serologic and CSF data. This person will also field all calls; thus enhancing the ability to get back to patients more effectively. Finally, as the JHTMC begins clinical trials for TM patients, the clinical assistance would be responsible for getting this program off the ground and running smoothly. As you can see, the clinical assistant fills a critical need for the JHTMC that will enhance care to TM patients. This position also represents movement toward a cure for TM by facilitating the important research process.

Filling a position of this nature will take a serious commitment of dollars and a long-term commitment of the TMA to assist in raising funds to help in filling this position. We believe it is important and we have made a commitment to Dr. Kerr to assist in whatever way we can.

When we conduct the auction is going to depend on the response we get from our members to this important activity. We are counting on you to collect and donate the items we will auction. We would consider having part of this fund-raiser take place at the symposium.

We are asking TMA members to approach their famous celebrities/sports stars in their area and ask them to donate an item to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Such items might include an autographed baseball from a major league ballplayer, a signed portrait (be creative!) or other memorabilia (people would pay good money for a dimpled chad ballot from Palm Beach County, I bet). That item would then be placed on the auction block.

If there are others interested in working with me to organize the auction, please get in touch. This would mean promoting the auction, encouraging people to make donations of items, getting information about what has been collected, obtaining an auctioneer, and organizing the actual auction. We would open up the auction to the general public via E-bay or other Internet auctions.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Johns Hopkins/TMA auction, please get in touch:

You can reach me through email at lostinwoods[AT SIGN] or my phone at (973) 726-5991.

Any funds that are donated to the Johns Hopkins Transverse Myelopathy Center are fully tax deductible.

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