Transverse Myelitis Association
Volume 4 Issue 1
March 2001

Page 19
TM Support Group of Ireland
Ann Moran
annmoran99[AT SIGN]


I attended a Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) meeting, hoping to hear some good news from the budget that the Government had resolved December 6th. Nothing much has changed; we did get allowed £6 million to be shared between all the disabilities, physical and sensory. These funds also have to cover Home Care Attendants, Day Care Centres, Personal Assistants, and Home Helps. So, by the time it is shared, there will not be much for each section. This will all be coming through the Health Boards, at their discretion. The money for the Independent Living Centres has come from the Government through the Health Boards throughout Southern Ireland. The money is made available through the Independent Living Centres around Ireland to facilitate the continued work of providing Personal Assistants for all people with disabilities.
I am in the process of trying to secure funding from the Independent Living Group to cover the costs of postage and telephone. I have nothing secure on that yet. I have also applied to our local Health Board for the same funding; we have to apply through the Health Boards. I received a letter from them late last year to say that I was not able to avail of this funding last year, but to apply again this year. We do have a meeting planned for early February. But I will not know the outcome for a few months.

We have secured an amount of £45,000 to perform a detailed study and implementation plan for Transport in Rural Areas for ours and one other county. The study and planning period is from last October up until next June. We have to establish a service and put it into place. We are looking to both the private and public sector to be involved. While doing this work, it will also help to create awareness of disability and the services that are not currently available to the disability community.

I have been in touch with many of the people who contacted me about the TM Support Group of Ireland. I am trying to arrange a meeting for us this year.

I made a wonderful trip to California this year. I would like to say a huge thank you to Debbie and Michael, and Lori and John for having me. It was really interesting meeting them. Also meeting with Kris and Kaycie and Mary Ellen. We had a great dinner in Los Angles the evening I was returning to Ireland. It was great to talk to everyone; a little Seattle Symposium - LOL! Debbie was so good; she showed me many of the surrounding interesting sights, and introduced me to her family. I will remember it all for a long, long time. My family was amused when I told them, it was so hot the day we were to have a barbecue, we had to have it inside. In Ireland we have to have them inside, because it's raining! Yes, even in the summer. I also met up with Cindy Mcleroy at Debbie's. I was sorry that I was not able to meet up with Jane and Mike Hammond in Seattle. After the fun I had trying to get into Debbie and Michael's van at the Los Angeles airport, it might have been a good idea that I didn't try to get into your van. Hopefully, next time.
Finally, a note on The Quilt for those who are interested in how it's coming along. Well, it's at the quilting stage. I am working on it as often as I can. I have a problem with one of my eyes. We suspect the start of cataracts, which means I can only sew during the daylight hours. It is very difficult for me so see clearly at nighttime in artificial light. But I do hope to have the quilt finished very soon. Then we must sort out how to auction it or raffle it. I will have it photographed and put on the TMA site for all to see.

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