Transverse Myelitis Association
Journal Volume 3 - June 2008

Article 52

Important Reminder About The Transverse Myelitis Association Membership Directory

In order to receive a TMA membership directory, you must be willing to have your name and contact information listed.  Those who have designated that they do not want to be listed in the directory will no longer receive one.  The purpose of the directory is to assist our members in finding each other in their local communities, states and countries.  As our membership is small and widely scattered around the globe, the directory serves as a way to facilitate the local or regional sharing of information and support.  The value of this directory is commensurate with the numbers of our members who are willing to participate in our support network. 

It is the expressed policy of the TMA not to share this information for any commercial purposes.  The vast majority of our members are listed in the directory.  This designation was made when you first completed the membership form on or when the original email or telephone contact with the Association was made.  If you are not currently listed in the directory, and would like to change your designation so that you can receive the directory, please call (614)766-1806 or send an email to requesting that your contact information be listed. 

This would also be a good time to check the directory to be sure that your current information is accurate.  If your phone number or email address has changed, please notify us. Your membership information will be updated.  When you send us any changes, please include all of your information so your membership listing can be easily found and the changes identified. 

In addition to receiving the directory, another important benefit of being listed in the directory is having access to local support groups.  Over the past several years, our local support groups have been developing around the country and around the world.  If you are not listed in the membership directory, we assume that you do not want to be contacted.  We do not provide your information to anyone, including the support group leaders who are currently operating in and around your area, or to those who will establish groups in your area in the future. 

Due to the increasing size and cost of the TMA Membership Directory, we will be printing and mailing new directories no more frequently than every two years.  If you are not currently listed, please consider doing so.  We appreciate the willingness of so many of you to make yourselves available to assist others in your communities, states and countries.

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