Transverse Myelitis Association
Journal Volume 3 - June 2008

Article 51

The TMA Newsletter and Journal Archives

The TMA announced a new publication schedule and format for our newsletters and journals.  We will publish a newsletter each fall and spring, and a more extensive journal will be published once each year.  When people sign up for membership in the TMA, they receive a packet of information which contains the most recently published TMA Journal.  The newsletters are not included in the new membership packets. 

We encourage people to read the previously published newsletters and journals.  They are an excellent source of information about the neuroimmunologic disorders, both through articles written by medical professionals and by people with these disorders and their family members, which describe their personal experiences.  Through these publications, you can also learn about research and clinical trials, the TMA, awareness and fundraising efforts, and the support groups around the country and around the world. 

All of the newsletters and journals are archived on our web site; you can find them under the link ‘newsletters’ on the main page of our web site or you can type into your web browser.  You can view the newsletters and journals as they were published by selecting the PDF files from the column on the right, or you can view them in html format from the column on the left.  The html files include an index which makes it very easy to find articles covering specific subjects.  Additionally, Jim has installed a search engine for the entire TMA web site, which allows searching for specific subjects.  Topics may be searched in the newsletters and journals by using the search engine. 

If you have difficulty in finding information about any topic on our web site, and the search engine does not provide you with the results you were seeking, you should always feel free to contact Jim for assistance.  You can send Jim a question or a request for help at  

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