Ganciclovir for treating ADEM?

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Ganciclovir for treating ADEM?

Postby Kaylie » Mon Jul 23, 2012 6:02 pm


My 5 years old nephew was diagnosed with ADEM. he was staying in indonesia and the parents took him to hospital after his initially flu symtoms became worsen, admitted into the ICU and docters there diagnosed him of having bacterial meningitis. Just for second opinion he was finally transfered to singapore hospital, and the pediactric neurology diagnosed him with ADEM. It was already 3 weeks from the first onset that he is being hospitalised in Singapore and received treatment of intravenoue steroid for 5 days. Until now he has been hospitalised in Singapore for 2 weeks. His motoric ability seems to improve after, as hemipharesis happened before the steroid treatment. After this treatment it happened that he still have seizures, so doctor said that treatment with immunogloBulin should be conducted as well, which was total of 12 hours of intravenous immunoglobulin. He seems to be improving after the immunoglobulin treatment, as he is kind of cheerful, walking more than before and also starting to be able to swallow and produce some noise. Today is 1 week after the treatment, his drawback is that his cognitif ability is still considered off. He is not talking yet and when we asked him something he seems to be not understanding. The doctor said that it needs time of around 1 week to see the eficacy of the treatment, however now which is already one week seems that the doctor is not really pleased with this drawback. And mentioning that most likely the virus such as EBV or herpes might still be in disturbing his neuro function, and would like to treat him with Gangciclovir.... Another 14 days of intravenous treatment. In fact i am a bit concern of the side effect and wether this treatment is really necessary? And wonder if anybody knows or ever experienced the same sequence of treatment? Knowing that gangciclovir is a very strong medication and might have side effects, we just want to be cautious. Anyway today he will be out from hospital, and the doctor gave him oral Aciclovir for 1 week ( doctor has said that it is not clinically proven that aciclovir can be effective in this onset), however if it still doesnt work he is suggesting that the boy shall take gangciclovir intravenous treatment next week. We hope that in this one week ahead we will see more improvement. As i am concern about too strong medication impact on his 5 years old body in the future. Any input or feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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