Do the lessions go away?

involves demyelination in the spinal cord and in the brain. The demyelination in the brain is different than a demyelinating attack from MS; the lesions are scattered and do not appear in the same pattern as those from an MS attack.

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Do the lessions go away?

Postby akjosh » Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:47 pm

Just wondering if they go away ever? The last mri, all twelve showed up right where they were before with no change. Does this ever improve?
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Re: Do the lessions go away?

Postby marieblond » Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:01 am

this field of damage changed the color in my case and became more bright (?) light improvements I had, but my disability remained at 60 per cent. so I am a member of the middle group, the wounded walkers or as I said "the limping folk".... my damage goes from th 4-6 . is rather long. sometimes ignore it. but in the evening the TM says HELLO very loud and every day. :ymhug:
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Re: Do the lessions go away?

Postby marieke » Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:17 pm

I know for TM they can, but am not sure about ADEM...
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Re: Do the lessions go away?

Postby Tomislav » Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:39 pm

well my lesion doesnt show on MRI anymore and it was a big one C2-C7
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Re: Do the lessions go away?

Postby kmsinlex » Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:01 pm

In my case (ADEM), I had lesions in my brain stem and the T and C sections of my spinal cord. These first showed up in an MRI done in late May, 2009. I was eventually hospitalized at the end of June for 9 days and was given large doses of Acyclovir (anti-viral) and Prednisone via IV. After discharge, I continued the antivirals for 3 weeks in pill form and the Prednisone for about a year in pill form, very gradually tapering off. I had periodic MRI's, but the last one, in late Nov, 2009, showed that the lesions were greatly healed and almost gone. The Drs were very surprised and pleased because of my age (now 62). Apparently, they hadn't expected too much because they kept beating around the bush and making vague comments like "well, at YOUR age".

I think a lot of the healing potential depends upon one's general health, how fast one gets an accurate diagnosis, how quickly treatment is started, and if the treatment is appropriate and aggressive. Of course age is a factor, too. You can't ensure that your lesions heal, but I'm convinced that you can improve your odds by getting as much rest as possible, eating as healthy as you can, taking your medications exactly as prescribed, reducing your stress (as much as you can), and getting as much exercise as you can, without overdoing.

Although my lesions healed, I was left with nerve damage on my entire left side from my armpit to my toes. This caused a serious case of neuralgia (nerve pain), for which I am taking Gabapentin. It has helped mitigate the pain, but about a month ago, my body started to tolerate the Gabapentin so it has become less effective. My Drs. increased the dosage, but I'm now taking it at about maximum levels, so keeping my fingers crossed that it will continue to help me.
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Re: Do the lessions go away?

Postby radema » Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:49 am

I don't think they will ever go away. So my doctors told me, too. They will leave foveal texture, and they can't say if it causes any damage in the long term.
My yearly done mri show my single brain lesion at the very same place, but reduced and very little. From that one, i have no losses anymore. But in my spinal column are 'multiple lesions', nobody ever counted. I am waiting for the results of this years mri. I saw already the pictures and think that the main lesions are smaller than before. When i have the results, i may report it here.
(I am paraplegic (th4) and fighting against ADEM since april 2008.)
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